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Cape Cod's Professional School of Massage Mission

Through a comprehensive curriculum at Massage Institute Of Cape Cod, our mission is to thoroughly prepare students in the art of therapeutic massage. Our fine program and professional staff combine to awaken in students an awareness which we call "Hands Of Healing Intention". Massage makes a person more accepting, relaxed, nonjudgemental, in tune with others, understanding of and sensitive to the body and its health, which in turn helping the massage therapist to not just heal their clients, but to heal thyself as well. We provide an inexpensvie, convenient and flexible way to receive the training necessary to become a licensed professional massage therapist. To enable graduates wo work in the massage field and to start their own massage business. As well as prepare students to become Nationally Certified Massage Therapists. We offer Continuing Education Seminars for our graduates and other professionals that need C.E.U.'S. You will find upcoming courses listed under 'Our Programs' Page.

Certification and Licensing

Licensure in Massachusetts is regulated by the State. Students will be awarded a Certificate of completion by the school upon the completion of the 700 hours required. Students will submit an application to the state at a fee of $225.00. A person seeking to obtain a license for a business must also apply to the State. But all require graduation from a 700-hour program in a state-approved massage school. It is recommended that students pass the National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) test. (National Exam) The student must graduate from a 700-hour massage school program in order to take this test. Anyone who wants to become a professional massage therapist should take this test - it is becoming the national standard to prove competence to a licensing board. Our 700-hour MICC program is designed to prepare you to take this exam.



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